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Want A Book Deal? Here’s How I Got Mine:

10 Mar

I’ve got some BIG news to share!

Photo by peaceful-jp-scenery

Photo by peaceful-jp-scenery

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How The Publishing Process Is Like Dating

5 Jan
Photo by Cali4beach

Image by Cali4beach

I love having a blog. Because you can air your dirty laundry for all the world to see. Exes beware! Muahahaha!

No, I’m kidding. But I will vent using writing analogies. No names necessary. You know who you are (totally kidding… mostly). This could get weird.  Continue reading

How To Stay Motivated When You’re STILL Not Published

4 Dec
Photo by NoHoDamon

Photo by NoHoDamon

Why do we do it? We slave over words. We pour our hearts onto a blank page. Instead of ink, we write with our blood, sweat, and tears. At home, our loved ones get neglected, while our work hours are spent with our heads in the clouds. And yet, we plow on. Why?

Agents reject us, publishers ignore us, and the only way we can see our novels in print is if we pay for it. And even then, the only people who will buy a copy are our loved ones (if we haven’t neglected them too much). So why do we keep writing when reality is falling short of our starry-eyed international best-selling expectations? Continue reading

What Writers Can Learn From Firefly

30 Jun

Doctor Who Filming On LocationFIREFLY. One of the best TV shows of all time. You haven’t seen it? What? I forgive you… I suppose. (It’s been while since I’ve geeked out, so indulge me.)

Firefly is a western in space, people. In space. Starring the charming Nathan Fillion. With a director like Joss Whedon, great writing, award winning CG, and a storyline that stands out from the usual TV drama regurgitant, why did it get cancelled after a single season? If it can happen to Joss, it can happen to you. Continue reading

From Hockey To Books – Luke Murphy Shares His Marketing Secrets

16 Dec

IMG_5365 (2)-1Today we have author Luke Murphy joining us to explain his techniques for marketing his debut novel, Dead Man’s Hand.  Hello, Luke!…

Marketing Starts With Writing

My marketing started with the writing of my book. I always had a plan, an idea of the plot, but now I had to think about the characters and setting, and I had to think about my target audience in this stage. Continue reading

Self-Publishing – Is It Right For You?

19 Nov
Photo by Milos Milosevic

Photo by Milos Milosevic

It’s that time of year again.  Nanowrimo!  And following every November, the self-publishing business gets a little crowded.   So to celebrate, I’ve got some great posts lined up to help you decide if you want to stick to tradition or become an indie trailblazer.

When it comes to publishing your novel, there is no right or wrong answer, but here are some things to consider first: Continue reading

A Guide To Writing Conferences

14 Aug
Photo by Pete O'Shea

Photo by Pete O’Shea

If you’ve never attended a writer’s conference or festival, you’re missing out.  Not only are they a great way to learn, it’s also an avenue to connect with other writers, readers, agents, and editors.

Last week, I attended a local conference and thought I’d share a list of ways to help you prepare for your next writing mixer. Continue reading