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When Real Life Happens To Your Fiction

16 Jun
Photo by Nic Taylor

Photo by Nic Taylor

Sometimes life just sucks. It doesn’t go exactly the way you would write it. No loose ends neatly tied in bows. No happily ever afters.

But hold on! If life doesn’t work out perfectly, then why should your fiction?

In a world full of skeptics and analyzers, would anyone really believe it if your main character got everything they wanted? Would you believe it if it happened in reality? No! We’d all secretly be wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.

Okay, enough with the negativity. When life’s plot gets twisted, how can we as writers use our own personal experiences to navigate our storylines (if not our lives)? Continue reading

How Christmas Can Improve Your Writing

23 Dec
Photo by Scott Clark

Photo by Scott Clark

Your crazy grandma…  Your drunk uncle…  You narcissistic sister…

Family is great, huh?  Some real characters.  And Christmas is the force that brings us all together.  For better or worse.  But just because you’re taking a break from your keyboard to enjoy the cheer, doesn’t mean that you have to stop working.  Grab your notebook, because you’re about to take a lesson in realistic relationships. Continue reading

From Hockey To Books – Luke Murphy Shares His Marketing Secrets

16 Dec

IMG_5365 (2)-1Today we have author Luke Murphy joining us to explain his techniques for marketing his debut novel, Dead Man’s Hand.  Hello, Luke!…

Marketing Starts With Writing

My marketing started with the writing of my book. I always had a plan, an idea of the plot, but now I had to think about the characters and setting, and I had to think about my target audience in this stage. Continue reading

How To Brainstorm New Writing Ideas

10 Oct
Photo by TZA

Photo by TZA

Where do novel ideas come from–and ones for books too?  (See what I did there?  No?  Okay, moving on).  Do they just fall out of the sky and knock you on the head?  Or are they the product of intense hours spent wringing loose connections out of your brain and rearranging them to form a greater picture?

So what happens when… nothing happens? Continue reading

Movie Script Tips For Novel Writing

29 Aug
Photo by Trevor Enright

Photo by Trevor Enright

The book is always better than the movie, right?  But there are certain things that we as writers can learn from films. Movies can only hold the attention of an audience for a couple of hours, so every second counts.  When it comes to our novels, we need to make every word count. Continue reading

Take A Walk In Your Character’s Shoes

25 Jul
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by Thomas Hawk

The believability of your story relies on your characters.  How they view the world, interpret it, experience things, and how they feel about it can be completely different than someone else.

But how do we truly know what it’s like for our characters?  How can we successfully relay that information to our readers? Continue reading

How To Create A REAL Modern Day Superhero

11 Jul
Photo by Thomas R. Stegelmann

Photo by Thomas R. Stegelmann

I recently watched Man Of Steel (2013), and I would like to go against the grain.  For some crazy reason, it’s getting terrible reviews, especially for Superman’s characterization.  Actually, I thought the character development was a great example of what we look for in a superhero nowadays. Continue reading