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How To Write A Book In 6 Months

13 Jul
Photo by Alba Garriga

Photo by Alba Garriga

Six months? Impossible, right? No. Nothing’s impossible if you’re willing to work for it. So ask yourself: how bad do you want it?

If you’ve noticed I’ve been MIA recently, it’s because I’m currently writing a novel in six months, and that’s on top of a full-time job that keeps me away from home for ten days at a time.

Even with your job, and your family, and your desire to maintain your sanity, you can do it too. Here’s how: Continue reading

The Writing Process Blog Tour

11 Jul
Photo by Oliver Hammond

Photo by Oliver Hammond

Hey, so today’s post will be a bit different. I was tagged by my writing friend Pat Esden for The Writing Process Blog Tour.

I’ll share a bit about my current work in progress and what my own writing process is like. Maybe you’re the same, maybe you’re totally different, but hopefully we can learn a bit about each other. Continue reading

How To Overcome Writer’s Block – 10 Tips

23 May
Photo by Drew Coffman

Photo by Drew Coffman

Writer’s block.  We’ve all been there.  Sometimes we even use it as an excuse.

“Why aren’t you writing today?”

“I can’t.  I have writer’s block.”

It’s not a fatal diagnosis.  It’s just a little stumbling block, which I can hopefully inspire you to overcome.

Writer’s Block Remedies: Continue reading

How To Be An Efficient Writer – The Outline

18 Feb

There seems to be two types of writers:  the organic writer, and the outline writer.

Photo by Chris Beach (cc)

Photo by Chris Beach (cc)

I’m a firm believer that an outline can help any writer be more efficient.  Many view this tool as a destroyer of creativity, as though it turns the writing process into an assembly line.  Look at it this way.  Your creative brain wrote the outline in the first place, and it will be your creativity that will bring your story to life, each magical chapter, each eloquent sentence.  And nothing is set in stone.  It’s your story.  You can re-evaluate as you go along and revise your outline as needed. Continue reading